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If you think we've miss-sold you a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) product, then we want to. Feb 21, 2012 . Cahoot customers with a Flexi loan could be in line for refunds. PPI Reclaiming. (We will not share your address). If PPI was missold, ensure you claim your refund from the Caho. Have you ever had PPI with Cahoot? You could be owed £1000s in PPI compensation if Cahoot mis-sold. Go Claim PPI are specialist PPI Claims handlers who have averaged claims of £ 1750 for credit card c. I called Santander today as I had an old loan with Cahoot, I just asked if i had taken PPI with tha. The easiest way to change your address and personal details (including your. . how is my interest contact us. We're here to help. Please send a secure message from the online banking 'Help.


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