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Cahoot Savings Account - Find other online savings accounts with our. Provider , Account, Interes. With Cahoot savings accounts you can start saving from as little as £1 and earn interest from rates. Surely the interest rate u agreed on was signed for? I got a 5k loan. At 8.9% then 2 years later ad. Feb 21, 2012 . Santander stresses the terms of the Cahoot loans allowed it to increase interest r. … rates and fees. Below you can find the previous interest rates on all our accounts and when the. Your rates and fees explained. Rates and fees. As at 08/06/2015. Definition. Credit interest rate.. May 28, 2012 . The 3.6 per cent rate from Cahoot puts it firmly at the top of This is Money's. Cahoot interest rates depend on the type of Cahoot account you go for. Cahoot are an online bank an.

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